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Hear what our CEOs have to say about Keensight Capital

“Keensight is a team of trustworthy and passionate people. They helped us establish our company in the USA, navigate the regulatory FDA path, expand our sales force before working with us hand in hand in order to successfully complete our IPO on the Nasdaq”

Christophe Lavigne

“From day one, I greatly enjoyed the team’s ability to combine solid listening skills, a deep level of expertise and an entrepreneurial mindset. Keensight is always reactive without being intrusive, they support us on a wide range of topics from financial strategy to recruitment. They also give access to their international network and constantly build connections to support our development. Perhaps what matters the most to me is that we share common values and that we have established a relationship of trust. With Keensight, I have found true partners to help us grow SmartTrade”

David Vincent

“The Keensight team greatly helps in structuring the company for growth. They provide us with financial expertise, pragmatic advice on the organizational structure and valuable support in executive-level hiring. Above all, they do this in a collaborative and trustful manner”

Bento Correia
(Chairman of the Board)

“The people at Keensight, identified and realized a key international acquisition which allowed our Group to double its size and become the independent world leader in our field. They are fair and transparent partners with a genuine passion for what we do and a strong dedication to support us in our growth journey”

Denis Faccioli


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